Andy singleton who is a full time consultant to Ecovril is also the co- author (with David Joy) of "Barns of the Yorkshire Dales"  

isbn 9781905080199 great northern books

A lifelong connection to the dales through working as a contractor involved in the restoration of stone properties in the dales lead to a passionate  interest in planning issues relating to change of use, dereliction and conversion of dales barns particularly.

Andy is engaged in a passionate debate about the best way to preserve the unique and fragile landscape of the dales, whilst finding uses for redundant and under used barns which give them and their owners a sustainable future.

At Ecovril we have successfully delivered design, planning and occasionally project management solutions for many of these projects. And contributed to the wider debate around policy change to help to steer towards a more flexible and workable approach to the reuse of the  5 or 6,000 barns in the yorkshire dales national park.

As well as co-authoring the barns book, Andy has contributed articles to the Yorkshire Dales Society publication, and appeared on BBC countryfile discussing rural planning issues in the dales and elsewhere.


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