The redundant reservoir on Park Lane was advertised for sale in 2018.

It presented a perfect opportunity and challenge to bring our skills together to give a new life to an abandoned structure in our own neighbourhood.


Our plans for this 14m diameter disused water tank sold off by the water company are modest and ambitious – we propose to build a pioneering sustainable home which utilises the best of modern energy and insulation technologies whilst paying homage to the traditional architecture and values we know to be intrinsic to Knebworth Village and its surroundings.

We have considered many elements in our design including:

- Historic heritage of the area

- Sustainability and carbon footprint
- Aspirations for the community
- Size and scale in the existing setting and landscape
- Existing streetscape
- Wellbeing and provision for all possible occupants
- Ecology and wildlife
- Neighbourhood opinions

We believe that rural design and restoration need not be deemed detrimental if done sympathetically and appropriately to its surroundings. Particularly with existing structures which have energy invested in their presence. We love the challenges presented to us by utilising and re-using existing materials and structures as they inevitably bring out more creative thinking by having to find new solutions to unique problems.

We are pleased to have obtained planning permission and our planning application can be viewed by searching for "park lane reservoir" on the NHDC planning portal at any time.