The Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust are currently located in Verulamium Park, St Albans, in Grebe House.

In 1982 the timber framed building was moved from Watford to Verulamium Park and became the HQ for the trust. 

The building is locally listed.


In 2017 we obtained planning permission to install 3 new windows to the ground floor to introduce much needed natural light into the office.  We installed the windows during a weekend to minimise disruption to the working office.


During the summer of 2020 we were asked to carry out essential repairs and redecoration to the timber frame structure. It was apparent that the frame had moved and had not been inspected since it had been moved from Watford.


The movement indicated rot to the sole plates which we replaced with 5 years air dried English oak of similar girth. The gable end was moving outwards which was suspected to be due to no structural ties from the wall plates upwards. This was confirmed by a structural engineer and we installed metal brackets to the timber frame and chimney breast rectify this.