Wroxham School started the Wroxham Transformative Alliance after it gained Teaching School status from the National College in 2011 with the aim to bring together schools to share practice and learn from each other, aiming to transform learning for children and adults through joint practice development. 

We were asked to help Wroxham design and obtain planning permission for a traditional ironage roundhouse outdoor classroom to complement their history lessons to enlighten and inspire the pupils.

Following a successful planning application, we were appointed as project managers to ensure the classroom would be built to a high standard, within budget and on schedule for opening just as the school closed for the summer holiday

The completed structure will be used as a temporary educational space for short visits and occasional lessons as a small part of their day rather than a permanent day classroom.

"We are delighted with the roundhouse and our children have enjoyed finding out more about Celtic life over the last few weeks.
I make sure that everyone who visits knows that Ecovril offered superb inspiration and support."

Dame Alison Peacock, DBE