As founder and director of the company and never one to give up, Chau has the drive, vision and passion to see the toughest challenges through to the very end. 


A designer with a keen eye for technical detail, Chau started her career in working for 10 years alongside architects, project managers and sales teams in a centrally based bluechip office solutions dealership, supplying some of the top worldwide brand names, with tough deadlines in a fast paced world.


In need of new challenges and a feeling of the need to make a difference in the world, Chau chose to start Ecovril as a way to channel her skills into a service that can inspire and help others to achieve their aspirations. She recognised that the complimentary skills of Andy and herself combined would result in a great partnership to bring quality to any project they embark on together.


Chau's attention to detail means high accuracy in her work, and the ability to produce presentations which are eye catching, thorough and easy to read. We have been complimented a number of times on the presentation of our work. All the drawings and visuals shown on this website are examples of Chau's work.


Chau believes in a perfect blend of traditional methods and skills with modern know-how along with a sympathetic understanding of the existing surroundings to achieve the best in any project and/or task. This is at the heart of Ecovril's ethos.    

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