Charitable and social responsibility

Ecovril has been set up with the intention of participating in a sustainable circle of activity and enhancement of the countryside and environment generally. Wherever possible we strive to encourage use of renewable energy, reduction of energy use, use of materials from verifiably sustainable sources improvements to thermal conductivity of buildings through design and material specification.


We comit a proportion of profits to the replanting of trees to replace what we have used, and to support charities and individuals who are doing what they can to reduce the harm we do to planet earth.

To this end, we support the following charities:

The Woodland Trust (images shown here)

Donation and hands on help to plant trees on at the heart of England forrest project at sandridge near at albans where an 850 acre new woodland is being planted.

In the first four years of the project 435,000 trees have been planted entirely by volunteers towards and eventual total of 600,000.

We are very proud to play a very small part in this amazing project were as well as helping with donations, we have been involved with planting days over the last 3 years, where up to a thousand trees can go intot he ground in a day ( weather permitting)

The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Donation to help enabled 50 trees to be planted and protected in the Greenwood Leghe Forest

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England

Annual membership

The Yorkshire Dales Society

Annual membership and we contribute articles on rural development and contribute to the debate around dales issues relating to the built environment for their publication

Population Matters         

Annual membership engagement in debate on the challenges caused by the out of control increase in the world’s human population

Kitchen Table Charities Trust

Donation - to help small charities in developing countries 

World Land Trust 

Donation - direct action to save rainforests and other wildlife habitats 

Ecology Building Society

We support the goals of the ecology building society where our corporation tax savings are held

Architects for Humanity with Crisis at Christmas 

(images shown here)

Working with AfH we produced a reception desk and helped with the workshop setting  up and preparing for the services over the xmas period for 2 years while they were involved with the Crisis charity.